The Curse of Tun'shi

February 7 Suor 22

Main quest: Destroy Tun’shi the evil demon. People in town= Blacksmith’s is Glauf Fenrick and blacksmith’s son is Merin. Suarvo Boarnik is a Summori Suarvo. Kulna Sen Newly Appointed village elder/Midea’s adoptive father. Dessa Sen is the wife of Kulna. Melia Carth is the Tavern owner. Hugh Maris is the Apothecary owner. Zenda Tain is the shop owner. Leon and Julia are Zenda’s twins. Soka Tain is a married Zenda and a fisherman. People Stats= 250 total 5 kids,(5-15) 175 young adults(16-25) 57 Adults(26-40) Elderly(41-60). Fishing Docks are 1 week(Ash). Farm are 1 month(Cassie). Smithery are 1 month minus 10% mending spell(Anthony) It is now the 24th of Suor. Village Residence is worked on by 40 people five days(Kris). On the 27th of Sour Bash leaves the Village goes a little bit crazy and their are now less mouths to feed. Completed on or by the 28 Sour Farm, Village residence, Fishing Docks, Smithery. Mill, stables, apothecary, barracks, reinforced walls, tavern, player residence, feather bed. *Not built boat, airship, Alchemy lab, arcana lab, arcane college, general goods store, elder’s house, and chapel.
ended with 32720 gold for items.


Chung Shi= Tun’shi
Young Adults 172 (Three “missing”)

Completed projects by 8 Olmn:
Docks, Village Residents, Smithery, Farm, Mill, Apothecary, Player Residence, Tavern, stables

Projects in progress: Barracks, reinforced walls

Projects pending due to unmet requirements: Feather Bed

February 7 Suor 22

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